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How to Connect QuickBooks Online to PayPal App?

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Connect QuickBooks to PayPal App

Is it worth connecting QuickBooks to the PayPal App? Isn’t it actually convenient when you can easily fetch your account details, statements, etc. just through your phone anywhere at any time? PayPal, being common among the users, is a tool that allows you to make distinctive payments only by a click. As it acts as a payment processor, it is often considered as a wallet, sales tool, or even an online checking account. Though using PayPal under QuickBooks might sound a bit confusing and complicated, but this blog will surely help you reach out to it. We advise the customers to handle PayPal as a bank account within QuickBooks. So are you trying to connect QuickBooks Online to the PayPal App, but failing to do? Then just follow the below-mentioned steps or get in touch with the expert techies at the QuickBooks customer support number for further assistance.

Step 1. Log in into the QuickBooks Online.
Step 2. Click on the “Apps” tab from the menu on the left.
Step 3. Enter as “Connect to PayPal” in the “Search App” and the app icon.
Step 4. Click on the “Get App Now” button, followed by the “Let’s Do It” button.
Step 5. Tick the “Give Permission” tab to move the data to QuickBooks from the PayPal App.
Step 6. Provide the email address that is relevant to the PayPal account and click on “Next.”

  • You will be requested to build a new one if you do not possess an account.
  • If you have a new account with PayPal, you will be requested to direct back to QuickBooks Online to begin the connection again.

Step 7. Type down your PayPal necessary credentials and click “Sign-In.”
Step 8. To approve the connection, choose “Agree and Continue.”
Step 9. You can return to Intuit if you are provided with a connection.
Step 10. Choose the desired account, and once you see PayPal, click on “Next.”
Step 11. Click on the “Sales Tax Rate” tab that will be applied to all the sales transactions.
Step 12. After clicking on “Next,” a list of transactions will appear.
Step 13. If you have any previous transactions, select the date you wish to start your importing and select “Done.”
Step 14. Finally, your setup is done, and you will find the necessary PayPal connection on the baking screen.

So what are you waiting for connect your QuickBooks account with the PayPal one, and make you work simpler. Why not avail the benefits when you have it. From reviewing transactions to appropriate information and tracking fees, it offers it all. Just in case if you are still stuck in the middle and cannot decide what to do. You can connect with our expert professionals on the QuickBooks customer care number, who are there to assist you with all your queries and give you a perfect solution to it.